Combining drones with 3D mapping software. The most efficient method to generate data...


Inspect and anaylse in 3D... Going one step further from aerial photo and videography

The benefits of turning towards aerial 3D modelling...


We've paired with DroneDeploy, a leading provider of aerial inspecting software. With high specification DJI drones linked to state-of-art programs, geo tagged images can be captured and rendered into 3D models and/or maps. 


Creating digital reconstructions for development planning, inspections, map generation and visualisation ideas...

Development projects

Roofing analysis

3D modelling techniques for the following categories

Map generation

Visualisation media



Digital assessments for fire, flood and wind damages...

A 2D / 3D model is the most efficient way of generating data. Geo tagged images then rendered provide accurate measurements, for area, volume, fill, cut and distances. All this is tailored to the clients brief. 

Efficient time scales

Easily transfer to data within departments and organisations

How insurance companies are benefiting

Unlimited accurate data

The most efficient way to receive accurate repair quotations

The process... starting at the initial brief to finish...

STEP 1: A request is sent from the client. An example being a new development project for a residential housing estate.

STEP 2: After Completion of standard CAA flight assessments our UAV team plan the best day fitting around client schedule and predicted weather conditions. 

STEP 3: At project location, a commercial specification DJI drone and specialist mapping software is prepared. Our pilots program an automated flight path, ensuring the drone covers the pre-planned areas. An average site would consist of 300 geo-tagged photos.


STEP 4: At the Phantom Drone Media studio our creative team, complete the site renderings to produce the final 2D / 3D computer model. Data initally requested will be attached to the model.   


Our registered address - Phantom Drone Media, International House, 61 Mosley Street, Manchester, M2 3HZ, England (our team complete media projects throughout the UK).


Office Telephone : 0161 3271762     

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CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)

Drone Pilots trained by HELIGUY to Civil Aviation Authority requirements. All our crew is insured by Flock.  Prior to any project, initial flight surveys and risk assessments are always completed and can be requested by the client. Due to the strict guidelines set out by the 'CAA', the Phantom Drone Media team has the right to cancel on project day if the situation does not match the agreed brief.



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