20 megapixel photo & 4k video footage for aerial inspecting and monitoring  ...

Drone roof inspection.

Why use a drone for inspections ... A UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) provides a quick and safe inspection, all being at a very low cost, compared to traditional methods used in the past. Once booked we can normally complete a whole inspection within a few hours and all media is transferred the following morning, this saves time and ultimately your money.

Example's of areas we currently use our drones to inspect and analyse...

Commercial / residential buildings, churches / historical structures, environmental assessments and progression shots.

Inspections Of Erosion On ...

Coastal Lines

Rock Faces


Public Safety Inspections On ...

Walkways and Paths

Fences and Railings

Monitoring Wildlife

Population Sizes

Track Migration Patterns without getting close to the animals

Carbon Footprint Analysis

Effects on landscape from Hikers and Climbers

Greening Agriculture

Farmers can monitor their fields

Progression Shots In The Form Of Aerial Photo And Video On ...


Construction Sites

New Land Developments

Need a fast roof inspection on your property, we can have the media ready on the same day!

The key benefits to consider over traditional methods ...

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