20MP stills and 4K video for aerial inspecting and monitoring...

Using our drones to create you a fast, accurate, and affordable analysis

Why a drone is the best method... 


A UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) provides a quick and safe inspection, all being at a very low cost compared to traditional methods such as ladders and scaffolding. An average inspection can be completed within a few hours and the media available the same day through Google Drive.

Examples of areas we currently use our drones to inspect, analyse or report ...

For both Commercial and Residential. Warehouses and Factories, Churches and Historical Structures, Construction Sites and Residential Roof Inspections.


Using our drones to create high detail inspection reports in the form of 20MP Photo and 4K Videography...

Media reports for commercial buildings

The procedure: Set-up on site is fast. All safety checks are completed before hand to ensure an efficient project turnaround. After an initial team briefing between the pilot and spotters, we are ready. The drone is assembled, an area for take-off and landing is coned and all spotters take their position.

Generating media for a medium sized warehouse roof would take approximately 3hrs. On average photo and videography is ready the following day through Google Drive. We are always happy to provide clients with a portable flash drive, this works well if the end user is not able to store the media.

Monitoring site progression. An efficient way of showing site progress to Managers, Investors and the Local Community.

Let us take the stress of monitoring your projects... 

Producing media at heights of up to 120 meters. Progress has never been clearer to see! Media in the form of 20MP stills and 4K video... A popular choice from clients is aerial photography. Why? A shot every couple months to track site progress. Examples include construction-sites, land remediation, road networks and environmental projects.

Assessing Erosion

Coastal Lines

Rock Faces


Public Safety Inspections

Walkways and Paths

Fences and Railings

Carbon Footprint Analysis

Effects on the landscape from hikers and climbers

The different ways we use our drones to help the environment

Monitoring Wildlife

Population Sizes

Tracking migration patterns without getting close to the animals


Railway line assessments

Road network assessments

Greening Agriculture

Monitoring greenland

and tree health

Residential Properties

Generating close and detailed inspection photography, the fastest way to inspect your property...

Need an efficient roof inspection? Our team can produce close shots featuring the difficult out of reach areas, giving you total peace of mind! After receiving your media you can easily assess your roof for wear and damages. Evaluating areas that may need attention is now easy.

"Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognize, in positive ways to help society."  Bill Gates

Outlining the key benefits to consider...

SAFETY  Without scaffolding many areas that need assessing pose risk for the inspector

SPEED  Time is money, scanning areas with a drone is up to ten times faster!

MANEUVERABILITY  Drones can easily access difficult, out of reach areas

ENVIRONMENTAL  No pollution and no erosion

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Our registered address - Phantom Drone Media, International House, 61 Mosley Street, Manchester, M2 3HZ, England (our team complete media projects throughout the UK).


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CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)

Drone Pilots trained by HELIGUY to Civil Aviation Authority requirements. All our crew is insured by Flock.  Prior to any project, initial flight surveys and risk assessments are always completed and can be requested by the client. Due to the strict guidelines set out by the 'CAA', the Phantom Drone Media team has the right to cancel on project day if the situation does not match the agreed brief.



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