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(The customer is not given a full quote until completion of STAGE 1 assessment survey)

Please follow these steps ...

1. After your initial booking has been completed a UAV Pilot will conduct STAGE 1 of the assessment survey.

The following will be assessed : AIRSPACE / LOCAL AIR LAWS / SURROUNDING AREA.

2. After a successful pass of STAGE 1 assessment you will receive an updated service quote taking into account the distance to the project location and if further spotters are required.

(30miles + results in travel charges)

3. If the customer is happy with their quote the project can now be officially booked into our calendar.

4. No upfront payments, (please do let us know 3 days prior if a cancellation is being planned).

Payment Methods

1. We accept card payment on the day, after project completion.

2. Commercial projects are invoiced and payment is through a business bank transfer.

(All prices are agreed prior to any project, there is no hidden charges. What we quote is what you pay!)

"No wise Pilot, no matter how great their talent and experience, fails to use their checklist." 

Charlie Munger

Important Stuff!


The weather is monitored by our Drone Pilots. The customer would be informed 48 hours prior to the project if re-booking is necessary (no additional charges) , this is an area we advise our clients to keep tabs on.

If we arrive on site and are unable to shoot due to unexpected weather changes there are no additional charges and you can simply re-book.

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