360° aerial panoramas, what videography never was in real estate marketing?

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

When a real estate business refers to creating and publishing content, you think photo. It has always been the easiest way to directly send vast amounts of information to the end consumer, it is easy, cheap and as the old saying goes, a picture is a thousand words.

In todays world, if we cast our eye over Snapchat and especially TikTok we are now seeing more respect towards well executed video with the other organisations. But are we in real estate? The quick answer is no! Let's rewind back twenty years, we have the average family man who wants to sell his house, the estate agent takes all the boring, but relevant information, writes a neat little summary about the house and its features etc. Now it's time for the media element, it's always going to be ground photography. A few angles outside and a capture of each room inside. Job done, that's the way it was, and still is.

You do start to think though, why has video never taken off, well I believe there is a good reason.

The reason:

Let's say we are viewing the living room, the Victorian fireplace catches our attention. Now in a photo we have time, we can look at the fireplace, analyse in detail and let our imagination run wild.

The same scenario with video:

We are streaming the video, we see the Victorian fireplace, and oh no before we can study in detail, it's bloody gone. Even in a slow motion video it all just happens way too fast. So we have to rewind, we go too far and let's face the facts it all becomes too much of a faff.

360° panoramas:

With a 360° panorama, we've surely got the best of both worlds. In the same setting we can toggle the image, see the entire room in one frame, stop, zoom and quickly move on, it's all possible.

Panoramas can be performed internally and externally, the latter is really taking off, think google maps.

I don't see a negative, fast to develop, efficient for the end user and can be created for each viewing area.

We focus on drone media, an aerial 360° panorama is just fantastic, you see everything and get a real feeling for the surrounding area.

The verdict:

The industry has to go in this direction. Not just in real estate, but in many other organisations too.

I'm not saying we should discard photo and videography. Photography is beautiful and good cinematic videography is magical. All I am saying though, is we should be looking at panorama media and at the very least giving it a chance.

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Check out our 360° aerial panorama on a barn conversion being listed.



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