Advertising your business with a drone ... should you?

Updated: Aug 17

Each day a business must grow. If you are static, you are rapidly falling away from your competition. This growth could be in many forms, maybe it's investing in graduates, with their new exciting ideas, maybe it's investing in the development of new products or maybe even building your online presence with lots of cool content. It can be anything! But it has to be something.

We can't just operate, let me give you an example, if you sell a product, at one stage will peak, but the product will and always does date and decline. That's why we talked about employing the students to design and develop that new product, now ready for launch, and ensuring you keep on growing.

At this point you are probably wondering isn't this blog supposed to be about drones. Well yes, and my next point will feed this focus. You see, what if your business doesn't sell a product.

I am going to use an organisation, my business, Phantom Drone Media recently performed advertising content for. Let me give you a quick intro to the company: a sports center offering fully catered residential activity courses, self-catering accommodation and camping facilities.

How can this organisation sell its services. Simply enough, through good advertising. But what are the fastest growing companies doing, they are spending very large budgets on fancy, unique social media posts, think TikTok. So by doing the basic methods such as the standard social posts everyone does and printing pointless leaflets nobody reads, granted it's an effort, but in comparison to your competitors, you are falling behind, pretty damn fast.

Now not all businesses, especially start-ups, have this huge budget. This is where drones are very special. For this particular business in question we produced a 4K aerial show reel, this showcased its stunning landscape and the grounds it has to offer. It looks so special, so magical, you just want to visit!

Every sports center within a 50-mile radius has produced a form of media for their website and social presence, but not from a drones perspective. They are adding content, true, but the content this company has just added, now puts them in the lead.

Check out the reel below ...

Drone team in action
Drone take-off and landing setup.jpg


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