Moving with the times... flying indoors. Drones assisting with commercial projects.

Over the past year, I have operated as a CAA approved UAV Pilot for Phantom Drone Media. With the range of drone services on offer, I can tell you the most popular request, aerial inspections.

After analysing our findings from the initial market research generated at the company corporation, this didn't come as a surprise to the PDM team. The clearest answer for this is the difference in benefits gained compared with the traditional methods. Other areas don't have the same level of reward. Let's go to the marketing world of real estate (residential property listings) ground photography works very well on small homes, the photographer can generally capture a good feel for the scene with a small number of ground shots. It's only with the country listings where a drone will truly excel, and most of the UK is dominated by small, affordable homes. With aerial inspections, the benefits are huge in comparison, for more detail, I wrote just the blog a couple of months back, here is the link for those interested:

So aerial inspections are popular. Dominating the drone market. As the heading mentions indoor flying, we should move to my next point. The whole purpose of this blog is to focus on a market change, and it is the new demand for indoor drone services. 15% of our current projects now include some form of indoor based flying. But we did ask ourselves why. Several months later, and many indoor projects completed, and we're beginning to have some answers...


(please note a minimum height of 6 meters is always required)

- Warehouses & Factories

- Retail Centres

- Cathedrals & Churches

- Gyms & Sports Centres


- Showcase photo and videography for business exposure.

- Generating data for industrial inspections and surveys.


Our most recent projects flying indoors have been based in the warehouse / factory setting. The purpose is to generate shots at height. Capturing a full scene in one take. A drone gives potential customers a true feel for the environment. The difference with a selection of ground-based photography is the end-user. The individual would normally have the task of merging all the image data and would then try to visualise the complete scene in their head, we have eliminated this process. The result, an image that grabs attention and provides the detail of 10 plus ground shots. Detail being the keyword here, from an aerial point of view we can easily distinguish layouts, work patterns and develop a basic idea of the business structure, i.e the start and endpoint to a construction line. The message is clear, photo, and video captured by a drone is a big step-up.


Aerial inspections in the commercial setting. A selection of areas within factories and warehouses consist of equipment that by law needs regular maintenance checks. Common areas of investigation include structural, ventilation / air conditioning, and lighting. With a drone, data can be captured efficiently. Close shots in confined spaces are easily dealt with and devices such as the DJI Mavic Zoom no detail is missed. In darker conditions lighting can be fixed to the UAV and in dangerous confined spaces, surrounding propeller guards or a full metal body cage can be added. The options are endless.

- Standard projects on average will be completed in under 3hrs.

- Media files can be sent to all departments to analyse and evaluate. (via cloud services)


Market growth with indoor drone flying is no surprise. It's been a new challenge for our team, but with the additional training and added use of more safety equipment, we have excelled. We now look to bring better exposure into the commercial world and look forward to future projects.

For project enquires please contact the PDM team.

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CAA (Civil Aviation Authority)

Drone Pilots trained by HELIGUY to Civil Aviation Authority requirements. All our crew is insured by Flock.  Prior to any project, initial flight surveys and risk assessments are always completed and can be requested by the client. Due to the strict guidelines set out by the 'CAA', the Phantom Drone Media team has the right to cancel on project day if the situation does not match the agreed brief.



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