Our media team visits Abruzzo, Italy.

The Abruzzo region in Italy has long been popular for visitors, but mainly Europeans who are in on this well-kept secret holiday destination! If you are looking for somewhere new to try, that has everything you could want from a holiday, I recommend looking no further. Lakes, national parks, mountain ranges, beautiful medieval towns and the stunning Adriatic coast, which stretches 70 Kilometers from Ortona to San Salvo and has the unusual Trabocchi dotted along the beaches - historically used by fisherman but mostly no longer in use and are now fish restaurants. What more could you possibly want!

The Covid 19 Pandemic.

With most of the world at the moment, it's a challenging time to travel. Countries are very much in a slow process of recovery. Throughout this difficult period travel the agencies have been hit hard. The holiday market has collapsed. However, it may not all be bad. In some ways it could be the ideal time for these industries to create fresh content, for their platforms. Areas are far less populated and nature has been able to spring back to life. So it is then an ideal way to show off and create unique media of the surroundings, in this case for Abruzzo and Italy. Using drone photography and videography could be the way.

Italy's main features cannot be fully appreciated from ground. The Maiella mountains, in Abruzzo, these would look beautiful, inspiring in many ways, from height, the current crop of media just doesn't do justice.

The main purpose of travel agencies is persuading people that each location has that something special, in which they are perhaps looking for. An example, if i’m an avid hiker, i’m going to want mountain range, as a promoter, I need to provide outstanding media, there is vast competition, think the neighboring Swiss Alps, drone shots, that’s the best answer.

We just know travellers will be using this free time to discover their next destination to explore when things have settled back to the normal. Catching their attention, is an absolute must, agents need high amounts of bookings for the next couple of years,

Over the last week, walking through Italy's gorgeous surroundings I couldn’t think of a better time to be UAV flying, for us and to help the holiday market.

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DJI Mavic 2 at 80 metres.



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