If you are buying, or just want to check the condition of your house we can offer drone roof inspections. They take away the danger factor. No more climbing ladders, hiring expensive scaffolding or walking on rooftops. A drone is a more cost-effective and safer way of inspecting your roof.


TILES - In the form of slate, concrete, or plastic. Broken or missing tiles can lead to the penetration of water and the generation of internal dampness and mold.

RIDGE TILES - Laid onto the very top ridge of a roof. Available in a range of materials. Traditionally laid with mortar but since 2014 require a mechanical fix. We check the ridge tiles for cracks, loose chips, missing mortar, and on newer builds, the placement and security of fixings.

GABLE ENDS - The triangular portion of traditional roof endings. End covers must be in place and the edge of tiles must be pointed. When covers are missing rain can enter the roof resulting in the rot of timber. Missing mortar can result in gusts of wind blowing roof tiles off.

VALLEYS - A running between two sloped sections of a roof. A valley must be clear and free of debris, allowing rainwater to easily flow into the gutter. Mortar that has detached from the sides can easily block the valley, forcing water to penetrate into the roof. It's also an ideal place for weeds to start growing, causing roots to travel into internal roof space.

FLASHING - Preventing the passage of water in structure joints. All types of flashing need to be in good order. When fixed to brickwork, mortar or similar compounds must not be missing. Flashing can fall away and water can penetrate in this scenario.

CHIMNEY STACK - A ventilation structure. Must be free from weed growth. Bricks need to be in good order, no cracked or missing mortar, and brick surfaces must not have perished.

ROOF VENTILATION - For loft airflow and extractor fans. They must be clear. A blocked vent will cause dampness and condensation to form in roof spaces and rooms.

SKYLIGHTS - Also known as roof windows, these are checked for rotting timber surrounds, broken or chipped glass, and debris such as moss which may collect around the water gutters and ventilation areas.

DORMER - A small structured part of a roof containing a window. Normally to increase internal space. External cladding or tiles need to be in good condition. Window ventilation clear, and no glass damage.

GUTTERING - A system to efficiently remove water away from the roof. Assessing for cracks, broken brackets, loose downpipes, and blocked gutter. Any issues can result in major complications.

BRICKWORK - Analysing for wear. Mortar must be in-tact and brick surfaces must not be perished or cracked. Damages can cause internal dampness.


Most insurance companies now require a media report for roof damages. For example in the unfortunate event of storm damage to a roof structure, close-up photography is needed for proof. The most efficient way, hiring a Drone Pilot.


When purchasing a property, especially old, the standard surveyor checks are not adequate. A full aerial inspection via a drone is highly recommended. Without you risk running into unforeseen issues in the near future. A drone spots problems a surveyor with a small camera and 2-meter pole cannot!

The PDM team hopes the readers of this blog go away with a better understanding of how to maintain their property and ultimately future investment.

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