Using drones in real estate? ... what's the hype about.

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Since becoming a UAV Pilot for Phantom Drone Media, the interest around Real Estate drone photography has exploded. Over 30% of the projects we attend, focus towards creating aerial content, the first being for estate agents looking to boost listing engagement and sales, the second, customers who are so intrigued to see their property / land from that aerial viewpoint, all the way up to 400ft.

Drones over the last few years have gained a bad reputation, mainly from non qualified users, operating in unfair and unsafe ways. The government is helping, and have made it mandatory for hobbyists to take a basic online exam, a massive step in the right direction.

Our perception towards drones really does need to change, these little devices are the future, in the right hands, i.e a qualified UAV Pilot, the list of benefits they bring cannot be argued.

My latest Real Estate drone shot for Phantom Drone Media.

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Drone Pilots trained by HELIGUY to Civil Aviation Authority requirements. All our crew is insured by Flock.  Prior to any project, initial flight surveys and risk assessments are always completed and can be requested by the client. Due to the strict guidelines set out by the 'CAA', the Phantom Drone Media team has the right to cancel on project day if the situation does not match the agreed brief.



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